We Help Marketing Teams Accelerate Product Adoption and Deliver Marketing Agility.

Life Science Clients

Technology Clients

Life Science Clients

Technology Clients

How We Help

We’ll help you develop focused and creative strategies, identify your best customers, and shorten your sales cycle.


Focus on The Important

Identify and define your unique needs and opportunities, avoid threats and waste, and develop an effective (and achievable) strategy to reach your business, marketing, and sales goals.


Find Your Best Buyers

Locate and prioritize buyers who are likely to become customers through innovative experiences, education, and engagements that combine to help them move autonomously through the Buyer’s Journey.


Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Convert cold prospects into future customers who “volunteer” to hear about your products, offers, and brand. Spend less time on broad funnels and invest in prospects who are more likely to buy.

Who We Help

If you’re facing complex market conditions or demanding growth challenges, we can help.

Life Science Marketers

While other companies usually have four stages, life science companies can have as many as eight. Within these, life science marketers often deal with challenging buyers, long or complex buying processes, strict regulatory oversight, and a gamut of shifting business challenges and opportunities.

Over 15 years we’ve built our marketing agency to dynamically support internal teams by combining the data, methodologies, and creative thinking that is required to help you succeed.

Technology Marketers

Whether you’re marketing SAAS, a physical product, or other new and crazy tech entirely, reaching the right buyers at the right time can be a challenge.

Maybe you need help finding customers. Or maybe you need help getting noticed in a noisy marketplace. Perhaps getting them into your funnel is the easy part, but getting them to move once they’re in there is not.

We’ve built a team, a practice, and an operational model that is structured enough to reliably repeat growth, but flexible enough to work with your unique needs.

In Their Words

Hear (read) what your peers have said about us.

Strategic Guidance for New Markets

“Before we received FDA approval for our latest product, our team was focused on marketing internationally—and all of our assets were geared toward that market.

In bringing in MESH to support us in what was essentially a U.S. market launch for a new product, we sought expert guidance on content marketing and paid promotion, the full patient journey, and a variety of supporting marketing tactics.

From developing patient-centric messaging and content to building an interactive patient experience, MESH provides us exactly the strategic guidance and creative support we need—when we need it.”

Lauren McGuiggan
Associate Marketing Manager

Integrated and Innovative Growth-driven Marketing

“Over nearly decade, Sequans has evolved and grown significantly. From a small band of engineers serving global telcos and device-makers with 4G technology, we’ve built our operations and team, taken the company public, and expanded into new markets like IoT.

During that time, MESH has been instrumental in the development and expansion of Sequans’ brand positioning and marketing, demonstrating a high degree of creativity and knowledge of technology marketing. MESH has worked side by side with us every step of the way and has been very creative, dependable, and responsive.”

Kimberly Tassin
Director, Marketing Communications

Sophisticated Marketing Automation

“TM Forum is a global, member-driven organization with tens of thousands of members, ranging from global leaders to agile startups.

I brought MESH in to help modernize our entire campaign strategy, after which they executed on nearly every facet. Gorgeous videos, a flurry of emails, digital ads, social, infographics–you name–they did it.

What really blew me away was the way they dug in and pushed us to segment our audience into 84 unique segments!

I’ve never seen anything like the workflows they set up, and the huge boosts in traffic, awareness, and engagement were outstanding.”

Kathleen Mitchell
Head of Marketing

Account-Based Marketing for Complex Sales

“Evolving was pursuing a growth through acquisition strategy, and as a public company, we needed an external perspective on how to brand, position, and market our newly integrated solutions.

We brought in MESH to build a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing strategy that included developing a new brand, advanced messaging platform, and deep competitive analysis and positioning. Coupled with a new approach to sales enablement, this ABM strategy has put us on a clear path to success.”

Martin Steinmann
EVP Corporate Development & M&A

A Proven System to Drive Qualified Opportunities

“MESH turned us around and made digital advertising the most efficient and lucrative source of customers inside of 6 months.

We not only have more submissions, but the quality of customers has also improved as they dialed in on our desired customer base. This translated into a higher conversion rate from first contact to first appointment.”

Founder and CEO

Position Your Company for What's Next

“I’ve been CMO at seed round startups, circa $100M venture-funded startups, and large publicly held global brands. Successes have ranged from delivering market rebrands, turnarounds, aggressive growth (300%), and exits (c.$200M).

Included in these were Boston-based Veveo (acquired by ROVI/TiVO), Move Networks (acquired by EchoStar), Ankeena (Acquired by Juniper), RAMP (Media Business Unit Acquired by Cxense ASA), MindMeld (acquired by Cisco), and ROVI/TiVO.

It is always critical that I have the right digital marketing agency to support my vision and I have relied on MESH for branding, design, content creation, and website design and development. They have been a consistently strategic, creative, and reliable partner.”

Chief Marketing Officer & Strategic Advisor


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Our Mission

Positively Impact


People Around the World

Our mission drives nearly everything we do; to positively impact 3,000,000 people around the world by working with scientists, engineers, businesses and non-profits to advance and accelerate the adoption of life-changing innovation.

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Certified by the Experts