Turning the Maelstrom of Marketing Options, Big Data and Business Intelligence Into a Real Sales Funnel

There are no simple answers to complex questions. You want to be better, more agile and more profitable? You need analytics, not accolades (we have both).

Making Marketing Human for Technology

MESH provides the extra push to established and mid-market technology companies that re-ignites growth.


MESH was started almost 10 years ago based on the experience our founder had as a client of various agencies. He found that the myriad options, vendors and approaches created more confusion than solutions. He set out to create a truly integrated marketing and advertising agency that would easily and quickly bring all the areas under one umbrella, driven by a team comprised of client-side experts.

To that end, we influence the growth of technology brands across the globe and down the street in Boston. Integrating business strategy, technological and creative development, and tactical engagement, MESH is truly a full service agency. We live for the challenge of creating your next BIG IDEA, whether it is wrapping your head (and arms) around the process of marketing automation, developing your micro social platform, envisioning a ground-breaking “design your own shoe” campaign, or helping you create your brand vision—we have done it all with the goal of making you and your organization more customer-centric.

MESH Interactive Agency: helping you create big ideas—with purpose.

Current Active Campaign Dashboard

The following is actual data from a current marketing automation campaign.

(updated 12.09.2014)


Website Session Increased


LinkedIn Social Engagement Increased


Daily Website Traffic Increased

Some of the Ways We Partner with Our Clients.

Digital Marketing

The digital landscape is ever changing. You need more than a website to grow your business. Today, you must be there when and where your customers are looking. At MESH we create and execute marketing engagement strategies unique to our clients’ business goals. By developing integrated marketing engagement programs leveraging Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Email and Video campaigns, we help you attract your audience and drive conversations and conversions. Best of all, we educate our clients so that once we are done—if you want—you can continue to execute on your own.

If your website isn’t coming up on Google, Facebook isn’t facilitating conversations and advertising isn’t generating sales leads…Connect with us Today! We will walk you through our step-by-step process and show you how we have helped our clients grow their business, increase sales and generate revenue.

Brand Advocacy

When was the last time you gauged your brand’s health? Do you resonate with your market? MESH takes a holistic approach to branding, based on the idea that an effective brand is not just a “good logo”, but an emotional and connected experience. We help you define your vision, understand the meaning behind your brand–your brand “story”—and help make sure your brand is authentic. At the end of the day, we want your brand to scream—or whisper—who and what you are.

Let’s face it, we are all uber-busy, so the stronger your brand is, the less work you have to do down the road. Don’t let your prospective clients ask “why should I care?” Help them answer that with proper positioning, messaging and strategy. MESH has helped more than 200 companies refine their brand, leading them to increased sales. Find out how we can help you define your brand strategy today!


At MESH, our goal is to create awareness, motivate engagement and generate leads through interactive experiences. We start with your idea (or ours) and develop mind-blowing, competition knocking, kick-butt web and application experiences that drive customer interaction. Anyone can create a website these days, but it takes a seasoned team with the technical chops, discipline and creativity to execute that vision.

Our team has not only the skills to develop yours (or our) BIG IDEA, we have the experience, processes and drive to take your brand from zero to hero. Whether you need a mobile application, or that next social network… or just a powerful content managed website (that works), stop reading and check out our work—then call us today!

A Handful of Our Technology and Non-Profit Clients.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with dozens of firms. MESH Interactive is the only company to care as much about my business and my goals as I do. Their team took the time to understand our strategy with the Matchmaker.com business unit at Lycos and delivered results that not only looked great, but helped us move our business forward. We were able to reach new clients and maintain a presence in our clients’ minds.

They continue to deliver above and beyond, and now that I’m in Acquisitions at Google, I continue to leverage them any time I can. Dave Crandall


An Interactive Sampling of Our Work.

Please take a moment or two and enjoy the short video we created 2 years ago featuring some of our brand, marketing and web work. We are in the process of developing a refresh with a focus on technology and non-profit, so stay tuned!

Meet the Management Team that Makes it Happen.

Bill Schick

Bill Schick

Founder and CDO

As our founder, Bill has created and launched successful brands and digital marketing campaigns internationally and regionally. He brings style, ambition, and a disciplined work ethic to his agency. Those who know him well recognize his passion for strategic solutions, creative ideas and loud guitars—an unusual combination that fosters abstract thinking, head banging and occasional dialectic chaos in the office.


Jennifer Kamerman

Jennifer Kamerman

Director of Digital Marketing & Agency Development

In her role as Director of Digital Marketing and Agency Development, Jennifer drives marketing strategies and is the world’s biggest client advocate. She is known for her strong work ethic and a passion for social media engagement strategies. Any day of the week, you can hear her enthusiastically discussing lead generation campaigns, her love affair with heels, and her deep desire to adopt a puppy.


Linda LaFleur

Linda LaFleur

Project Management Director

Linda is living the exciting life as Project Management Director and self-appointed “Queen of Grammar” at MESH. She views her role as a partnership with our clients and she enjoys building longstanding relationships. She is critical to our ability to move projects along, even while she’s lobbying heavily for MESH to open a Paris office so that she can realize her life long dream of becoming a resident of the City of Light. Soon, Linda. Soon.


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